Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Do Your Share
Do: Be a good citizen and a good neighbor • Care about and pursue the common good • Be a volunteer — help your school and community be better, cleaner and safer • Protect the environment by conserving resources, reducing pollution, and cleaning up after yourself • Participate in making things better by voicing your opinion, voting, serving on committees, reporting wrongdoing and paying taxes

Respect Authority and the Law
Do: Play by the rules • Obey parents, teachers, coaches and others who have been given authority • Observe just laws • Honor and respect principles of democracy

Daftar Pustaka:
  • "Six Pillars of Chracter" by Josephson Institute


Concern for Others
Do: Be compassionate and empathetic Be kind, loving, and considerate • Be thankful and express gratitude for what people do for you • Forgive others for their shortcomings
Don’t: Be mean, cruel or insensitive

Do: Be charitable and altruistic — give money, time, support, comfort without strings for the sake of making someone else’s life better, not for praise or gratitude • Help people in need

Daftar Pustaka:
  • "Six Pillars of Chracter" by Josephson Institute


Do: Be fair and just  Treat people equally Make decisions without favoritism or prejudice In imposing punishment be sure the consequences for wrongdoing are consistent, certain and proportional (not too harsh or lenient)
Don’t: Take more than your fair share Take advantage of or blame others unfairly

Do: Be open-minded and impartial — consider what people have to say before you decide Be careful — get the facts, including opposing viewpoints, before making decisions (especially blaming or accusing another)

Daftar Pustaka:
  • "Six Pillars of Chracter" by Josephson Institute

"Manusia Indonesia" oleh Mochtar Lubis

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