Friday, February 01, 2013



Do: Stand up for your beliefs • Follow your conscience • Be honorable and upright • Live by your principles no matter what others say • Have the courage to do what is right and to try new things even when it is hard, costly • Build and guard your reputation
Don’t: Do anything wrong • Lose heart if you fail or don’t get what you want

Do: Tell the truth and nothing • but the truth Be sincere • Be forthright and candid
Don’t: Lie • Cheat • Steal • Be sneaky, tricky, or deceptive

Do: Keep your promises • Honor your word and commitments • Be dependable • Do what you are supposed to do • Return what you borrow • Pay your debts • Be on time

Do: Stand by and protect your family, friends, school and country • Be a good friend • Look out for those who care about you • Keep secrets of those who trust you
Don’t: Betray a trust • Let your friends hurt themselves • Do anything just so others will like you • Ask a friend to do anything wrong or spread gossip that could hurt others

Daftar Pustaka :
  • “Six Pillars of Character” by Josephson Institute

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